tatiana bilbao sc | masterplan & cave pavilion | Acuña

Rehabilitation of a tornado devastated settlement | 2015 


Responsibilities: Developed schematic design for the masterplan, Project designer for the Cave Pavilion

The rehabilitation of the tornado devastated Acuna requires different layers of interventions. The ‘Linear Park’ uses the existing infrastructure of the main artery of the settlement, turning it into a lush green promenade. A winding bicycle and pedestrian path stitches the public areas to the to the ‘Linear Park’, and integrates the more remote areas to the center. The four major public areas include a Memorial to the 14 victims of the disaster, an area dedicated to health and food, a children’s playing area, and a sport and entertainment area which houses the Cave Pavilion.

The Cave Pavilion is composed of two thin concrete shells puncturing through a brick screen. The orthogonal brick screen divides the space into two distinct areas, while the organic concrete shells create a continuity between them, using the tension between the two contrasting architectural elements. The North side of the screen is dedicated to sport, while the South caters for entertainment. Both the interior and the exterior surface of the two shells are programmed accordingly. While the outside surface of the  two shells provide a climbing wall and a viewing platform on the North, they transform into bleacher seating and a projection wall on the South. The interior of the shells houses a cafe and a playroom on the North side, while it changes into a bar and a lounge on the South.

The concrete shells provide a cave-like, cool temperature that is desired during the hot days, while the exterior areas lend themselves for entertainment after sunset. Both brick and concrete are local materials.