work ac | Aqualoop |san diego

Hydroponic Installation | 2013

Client:  The New Children's Museum, San Diego

Consultants: Eden Aquaponics (Aquaponics), Silman Associates (Structural Engineer), Henry Czenczek (FRP Engineer)

Responsibilities: Project designer and coordinator

The Aqualoop is an installation for the New Children’s Museum in San Diego, California. The playful curvature of the Aqualoop is designed to show the seamless cycle of water, and also to incorporate Hydroponics - cultivating plants in water- and Aquaculture - cultivating fish.  The structure can be assembled of standard fiber reinforced plastic panels, usually used for water slides. It can hold up to 180 Cubic Feet of water, and allows its visitors to follow the natural cycle of water. Children can view the fish in the lower part of the installation and observe how the used water is pumped into the 17’ tall Cleaning-Tower,from where the water is transferred to the 19’ tall Grow-Tower. A spiraling tube along the perimeter of the Grow-Tower allows for watering all the plants, before the clean water reaches the fish pool again.