kmt n-o-m-a-d | borg | salzburg

Extension of a school  | 2009 | Completed in 2012

Client:  BIG - Bundes Immobilien Gesellschaft

Responsibilities: Developed schematic design and design documentation of the ceilingscape, drew millwork details of classrooms, conducted material research, developed material and color concept, coordinated with school authorities

The main gesture of the BORG Salzburg is a building envelope, which bends up covering the new classrooms. The design for the suspended ceiling-scape creates a continuity of this folding skin in both color and tectonics.The blackberry colored envelope is pulled into the interior. It gradually brightens up to stage the entrance of the school. The panels are aligned to disguise the ceiling beam structure.Through the incrementally shrinking width and through the changing of the color gradient the depth perception is increased.


Photographs by Andrew Phelps