camouflage house |house at the adriatic sea | koludarec

with Judith Schafelner and Michael Wartlsteiner | Clients: Agnes Illyes, Robert Manchin | 2011



The Camouflage house is a conversion of a former fisherman`s hut into a holiday house. It is located directly at the sea shore of a small island at the Adriatic Sea, which is encompassed by a continuous 2m tall stone wall. There are 7 houses on the island and it can only be approached by boat. The existing fisherman hut was directly attached to the stone wall, its window a hole in the wall overlooking the sea. The idea was to follow this principle and thicken up the stone wall - making it volumetric - in order to accommodate the house and the outdoor facilities.The main gesture of the building is the vernacular pitched roof that aligns to the stone wall and hides the building from the outside. It folds down and becomes a wall and entirely wraps the house by creating a terrace that connects the house to the garden.