ctrls*del, and the presence of the absent | Long Island city

Southern California Institute of Architecture | Studio Jean Michel Crettaz | with Anna Edthofer | 2007

We introduce a structure that connects the urban fabric and the waterfront and creates a gradient between the two city grids of New York City and Long Island City,

The urban layout evolved from a tidal wave floating the East River and colliding with the land tongue of Long Island City. It bulges and imposes a pendant to the high rises of the New York City center.

The power of the water flow gets transformed into energy by wave power plants, which suck the water and push it under high pressure through a water filter system. The output of these filter systems is drink water and high density saline solution which gets stored and heat up in tanks. High density saline solution has the capability of storing temperature for heating and cooling double as long as regular water.

The structure performs as a set of modules which vary in scale, orientation and are able to adapt to specific programmatic functions, These modules transform from a floating carpet  into a connected grid which then swells into a consolidated patterned surface until it develops a momentum of three dimensionality and gets spatial  and inhabitable high rise structure.