Die Angewandte | Studio Greg Lynn | 2005



Flextent possesses varying typologies, permits adaptation to the topography and controllable apertures in order to comply the focal point of Red Bull: dynamism. Red Bull hosts a wide range of events. The successful organizations of these different events require different built structures. Another approach is to have a structure that is sufficiently variable to meet all these different needs.The modular system has a layout that is expandable on various sides to let the units increase in versatile ways. It can be a permeable refreshing point at a race for 300 people, or it can house a party for 30 people.

The tent is a fragment of a symmetric triangle based pattern which benefits the coherence of the structure. To facilitate the events which are mostly extreme sports held in extreme locations, the flexible skin lets the envelope be customized to those sites; incorporating them into the inner space of the structure.

The skin can serve as a roof; in which case the tent can be used as a lookout point. The outer shell can be completely closed using pneumatic technology, an interior space for entertainment. The outer shell however can take any position between these two extremes. The combinations of the altering apertures and variable typologies result in an infinite number of hybrid configurations.

The perpetual transformability of Flextent underscores the momentum of Red Bull.