Golden Fleece | installation

Yale School of Architecture | Instructor.: John Eberhart | with Olen Milholland and Daniel Luster | 2013



This site specific installation in the sixth floor studio entrance of Paul Rudolf Hall is an exercise in perception, tactility and displacement. A thin plane, obscured from view by the entry doors, separates this unique condition in the architecture building—a hallway with glazing on both sides—into two zones. This division of space and circulation sets up a dialogue between the two sides of the plane. One side is tactile, covered in sheep skin, while the other side displaces the viewer to the outside through the glass as it is covered in reflective, mirrored golden film. The undulating plane creates a compression on the furry side to emphasize the tangible qualities of the sheep skin, while it forces the viewers to encounter the surface. Cantilevering 12 feet, the plane is lifted off the ground to give views of the other side though denying access. Thus the viewer, after inadvertently choosing a side—by opening one of the two doors—is confronted with two different forms of perception. One is either displaced through the faceted and mirrored space or embraced through the smooth and curvilinear surface.