Sight club|music venue | vienna

Die Angewandte | Studio Wolf D. Prix | 2004

The various fields of perception are subdivided into its layers and are molded into space sequences.The mutual interaction of the space & the person moving in it which plays an important role in the schlemmerian ballet of the Bauhaus theater are put in shape. Passing through these space fragments your limited complexity of perception increases until it reaches its full extents, and the dominance of the surrounding and the one moving it is changing. (The term space fragments is used because space and its perception forms a unit and splitting up one explodes the other)

The building is hidden in a fin de siècle structure. It forms a closed system with the existing structure but occasionally opens up thus creating “in between” spaces, which houses house theescalator tubes. While riding the escalator the visitor either gets acoustic or visual experiences which are only combined once he enters the club.