suedmodul |bus stop competition| st. gallen

with Judith Schafelner | Shortisted | 2010


The design consists of 3 basic modules that unite the requirements: roof, seating and bicycle stand in a cross section sequence. The modular design allows the bus stop to be adapted to a variety of environments and their individual requirements. A linear arrangement is open and flexible; it corresponds to an urban environment. When aligned backwards to each other a double sided bus station is created. When aligned towards each other a secure hut like structure is created that fits to rural surroundings. All layouts can be extended individually. The light steel framework is covered with aluminum sheets on both sides. The panel sizes comply with the DIN formats to facilitate the mounting of posters of different sizes. The angled LED lights on the corners of the panels symbolize the label Südkultur. During night it becomes apparent that the adjacent LEDs form the Swiss cross.