work ac | Wieden+kennedy offices |new york


Client: Wieden+Kennedy NY

Consultants: Tillotson Design (Lighting), Silman (Structural Engeneering)

Responsibilities: Extensive detailing and production of project documents (all phases)


The renowned Portland based advertising agency Wieden and Kennedy asked for a new approach to redesign their New York offices to encourage the collaborative atmosphere of the agency. Their previous office layout was a call center-like open space, lacking intimacy and spaces to gather. Work AC’s proposal reconfigures the office space into nine neighborhood-like arrangements to break down the scale of the large open space. These clusters are organized around brands, emphasizing the inter-disciplinary interaction between employees with different expertise.  The proposal creates a major meeting point on each floor by connecting the three floors spatially and visually through large  circular openings. The lower ’Coinstair’ is a walnut-clad disk that seems to have flipped down from the circular hole in the floor above. Bleacher seating on its two sides turns it into an amphitheater-like gathering space. The ‘Coinstair’ leads up to the bar which is the heart of this floor. The ‘swoosh stair’, that is integrally connected with the bar through a platform eloquently spirals up to the next floor and arrives in the den.  The three levels are also connected through a double height outdoor area, the garden. All these special spaces emphasize the connectedness of the agency.


Photography: Bruce Damonte and Raymond Adams